Best Solar Pool heater For Inground Pools

For a first-timer, the term pool heater might sound a bit confusing. But in reality, it’s nothing complicated and actually a very convenient way to heat up your swimming or regular pool in a cost-effective manner. The journey to owning one will need you to go through a lot of information from finding the best options available to guidelines on choosing one. And with that being said, we are here to present you top 5 best solar pool heater For Inground Pools that does what it’s meant to do, warms up your pool and heart.

Who Needs the Solar Pool Heaters For Inground Pools?

There are so many types of eaters available for pool heating, which makes one buy the solar pool heaters, you might have such questions. Well, there are pretty good reasons to own one solar pool heater and the main cause is user-friendliness.

If you don’t want to get lost with a confusing heading formula, solar pool panels or heaters can be the ideal bets. Also, it’s a fantastic option if you want to go for a longer swimming session. In starting winter months, you can start arranging for further heating using the heaters. It saves energy and cost since there’s no need to use electricity no gas. The environment combustion saving is another feature people like in their heating equipment.

In short, if you prefer low maintenance, noise-free, and cost-efficient pool heating systems, these are meant for just your concerns.

Reviewing 5 Best Solar Pool Heater for Inground Pools To buy in 2021

Not wasting one more moment, let’s dive deep into the five picks we have for you. Have a glance at the comparison table and move onto the complete reviews below

GAME 4714 SolarPRO Contour Solar Pool Heater

Highlighted Features of GAME 4714 SolarPRO

  • Heat transfer with the greenhouse effect.
  • Pump with 1.5 Hp power.
  • The GPM flow rate is around 19.
  • Included adapters.
  • No need for gas or electricity to operate.
  • Increases five Fahrenheit in 6 days.

GAME 4714 SolarPRO Contour Solar Pool HeaterIf you want to give a pool heater try that can handle a giant 10k galloon water pools to warm up with utmost convenience and graduality, then definitely GAME 4714 can be an ideal pick. It’s superior in quality, comes with an excellent price, and works beyond expectation.

Without the need for any electricity or gas, you can easily utilize the GAME 4714 SolarPRO to warm up a huge pool. The pool can be one with the size of holding around 10k gallons of water, which is a pretty huge number.

The effective mechanism of GAME 4714 SolarPRO allows you to enjoy around five Fahrenheit of heat increment in the pool with regular use of six days. The increment is low and safe. It’s a comfortable temperature creator to take babies and children along with you for a comfy swim.

It comes with a 1.5 HP pump to make things even better. The GPM flow rate is around 19, which is also a pretty convenient number for the price this accessory comes for.  The injection-molded design also includes foldable legs for extra ease of use. You can easily use it without being struggling to move it around.

For Intex and best way pools, the GAME 4714 SolarPRO also includes adapters. It’s a marvelous dome-style solar heater that helps in collecting maximize heating in a certain area. The heat efficient and least flow limited pool heater is one cool pick to try for extending pool sessions easily.

What We Think about GAME 4714 SolarPRO

With proper modification provided, the GAME 4714 SolarPRO can run well and show amazing results overall. It comes with a fantastic metal clamp that we really loved. The design looks efficient and that’s something to approaches for better usability. We wish the huge openings were designed to not swallow adaptor boots; it needs improvement here.

The pool temperature increasing is impressive. It comes with very user-friendly usability that anybody can take advantage of. The huge tubes provide nice flow and that’s really helpful. Overall, you can surely opt for this brilliant model to add a few more weeks to e pool sessions.

Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System

Highlighted Features of Smartpool S601P

  • Polypropylene heat collector model.
  • The flow system is direct.
  • Heating tubes have headers each.
  • Solar panels of 80 square feet.
  • Requires an installation kit.
  • The temperature rise is 6 to 10 Fahrenheit.

Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System For above ground as well as inground pools, the Smartpool S601P makes an amazing choice. It comes with a strong construction quality as well as a fantastic heating collecting mechanism to effectively show results in warming up a pool easily.

The Smartpool S601P allows collecting the maximum amount of heat thanks to a brilliantly designed propylene construction. It allows the user to enjoy direct flow to get the pool heated evenly and gradually. There are also header holes available with every tube to keep the mechanism working fine.

The Smartpool S601P also includes the facility of solar panels. You can enjoy around 80 square feet of solar panels with the Smartpool S601P. It’s a perfect pick for those who need heating for their inground pools.

The panel array of Smartpool S601P is also a very user-friendly size. It comes with a 4 feet wide and 20 feet long dimension to match needs easily. You can expect a rise of 6 to 10 degrees of Fahrenheit in pool warmth.

However, you do need to get the installation kit separately. It’s not included with the accessory and probably that’s understandable since the price is pretty affordable.

The flow-through every hole is very satisfying and so, you can easily let the sun do the job of heating your pool in an effective way.

What We Think about Smartpool S601P

First of all, the Smartpool S601P provides a very fantastic mechanism that works nicely to evenly distribute heat and warm-up pool pretty easily. The great customer support is something we found a lot of users praising about. O if you even deal with troubles, there’s a nice chance to get good support from the manufacturer. 

The instructions are a bit strange but manageable. You can easily install it, however since there’s hardly any confusing step involved. For the price, the Smartpool S601P is surely a great value-adding deal that lasts for a good number of days with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Sun2Solar Blue 33-Foot-by-33-Foot Square Solar Cover

Highlighted Features of Sun2Solar Blue

  • Blue color for beautiful beach style feel.
  • The water evaporation is lower.
  • Super simple to put on or take off.
  • Heat retention effect
  • No too much dropping of temperature.
  • Perfect fit possible with trim.
  • Cost-effective.

Sun2Solar Blue 33-Foot-by-33-Foot Square Solar CoverThe Sun2Solar Blue is a 1200 series cover that works amazingly as a heating solar cover. The blanket style heating component does wonder to cost-effectively add warmth to any above-ground or in-ground pool or swimming area. It’s also famous within spas and uses the sun heat to warm up pool with the excellent bubble facing down mechanism

The Sun2Solar Blue comes with a beautiful design that includes thousands of tiny bubble film construction to make it look aesthetic. Along with looking good, the bubble also allows for a nice heat retainment to keep night and day pool times comfy as heck.

You can also get the support of water evaporation reduction benefit with the Sun2Solar Blue. It can help you to achieve the minimalizing up to 95%, a pretty convenient rate. The blue beauty does not let the water loss to the environment and create trouble.It’s super simple to put on as well. You need a less amount of time to install it as well as remove it. There’s no need to follow confusing instructions for the process as well.

Also, the Sun2Solar Blue helps to get rid of any trance of having wrinkled fingers since the case happens when there’s no proper heat retention. The accessory is made very precisely to keep warm getting generated to keep dropping temperature away. You can try trimming the Sun2Solar Blue if there’s a fitting issue. And that cuts the trouble of finding accurate sizes. The bubble must be facing down to keep the warmth making the process effective and constant.

What We Think about Sun2Solar Blue

We think that if money is a huge concern for you and so, there’s a need to go for the most cost-effective version, then surely Sun2Solar Blue will show a very satisfying result. This easy to use blanket style pool heating accessory is one very cool thing you can add into your pool sessions to bring that extra heat in summery months. 

Yes, the customer service is a bit off, that’s how users state about the manufacturer. But it’s a piece of simple heating equipment with a pretty straightforward mechanism. And so, there’s hardly anything going wrong with this super inexpensive heater style blanket. It’s a fine pick for pool temperature that will have babies taking shower in it. Also, the lightweight and flexibility add extra usability with Sun2Solar Blue.

GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater

Highlighted Features of GAME 4721-BB:

  • Curvy design to maximize heating.
  • Takes 4 days to increase 5-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Suits 8000 galloon pool.
  • Continuous heat exposure with quality material.
  • Legs are adjustable.
  • Locks heat with a clear design.

GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool HeaterIf you are a proud owner of Intex and Bestway pools that are above ground or inground style, then a GAME 4721-BB could be a perfect solar pool heater to get next. With a fantastic addition of adapters and nice hose plus clamp, everything already comes with the heating kit to make your pool session fun and comfy.

The GAME 4721-BB comes with a pretty user-friendly design to survive the above ground and inground pool heating criteria very well. It can provide you with an excellent increment in temperature of pool water, up to five degrees for every 8 gallons of pool size.

The quality materials used to build this accessory ensures with durable performance. You can expect longevity to keep on going well with the heater, but be sure to keep maintenance on the check. The pretty curve body allows you to have a nice exposure to the sun in a more effective way. It helps to maximize the heat gathering mechanism. Hence you get a better heating result. There are also treaded ports included to provide a user-friendly experience when there’s a need to plumb.

The GAME 4721-BB also includes adjustable legs. You can use the legs to get the best sun exposure by setting up easily. It’s a nice feature for pools from Intex and Bestway. The clear cover will help you to enjoy locked heat support.

If you are really willing to invest your money for a gradual heating process rather than something magical, then go for GAME 4721-BB.

What We Think about GAME 4721-BB

The GAME 4721-BB comes with a very eye-pleasing look that we need to mention first. It looks amazing with those metal clamps that also adds extra usability to the equipment. The designs are pretty and also user efficient. The pool temperature is augmented gradually and safely without being too focused on heat generation. 

It comes with huge tubes that are great at offering a nice flow rate. However, the pool heater may feel a bit flimsy but for the job it does, the construction sounds fare. Also, it’s understandable since the price is pretty low. The simple heater that suits most Intext pools is a great water warming accessory you can get for the money.

Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater Solar Mat

Highlighted Features of Intex 28685E

  • Suits above the ground swimming pool.
  • Includes filter pumps.
  • 8000 galloon pools are compatible.
  • Quarter-inch hose attachments coming along.
  • Eco-friendly setup.
  • Increases 5 to 9 Fahrenheit depending on climate.
  • Vinyl material construction.
  • Hooks for simple installation.

Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater Solar MatYou can avail the Intex 28685E for a cheaper route without losing much on heating quality. This is a fantastic and conventional style heating mat that helps to capture sun rays effectively to warm-up pools. The Intex 28685E works combinedly with Intex filters to assure environmentally friendly heating results.

The last but not least recommendation on this list is really minimalism’s best choice. It comes with a pretty effective mat design that helps to capture sun rays for a gradual heating process.

The mat style heater allows enjoying warmness without needing the extra hassle or cost of electricity. It also does not require gas and needs simple solar heating technology.

You can easily utilize the Intex 28685E with various Intex pumps. The mat goes well with above ground pools mainly. You can expect to get good results with a pool that holds around 8k gallons.

There are quarter-inch hose attachment points included as well as adaptors. The co friendly heating mechanism is really effective but not something you want to see instant results.

Keeping relation with the weather, you can get around 5 to 9 degrees of temperature rise. The simple hook-up process for installation makes it super easy to put on and take off. It’s a fantastic vinyl material heater mat with a 2500 HPH pump.

What We Think about Intex 28685E

With gradual speed, the Intex 28685E mat helps to increase the water temperature to the ideal point pretty easily and conveniently. It is a nice deal to grab for the money and also quite valuable in terms of easy usability as well as cost-effectiveness. 

The overall mat takes really less hassle and time to get installed. You need no confusing instructions to follow which is very time-saving. The tiny leaks might be a bit of trouble to handle at connectors. Overall, it’s a nice deal to grab that is extremely ecofriendly.

How to Choose the Best Solar Pool Heaters

Even the best solar pool heating system may fail to provide what you’re needing in particular. And so, it’s important to mull over what your expectations re from the newly bought solar pool heater. To help you make your own requirement list, we have some important factors that commonly decide the purchase for an efficient solar pool heater.

  1. For a deeper or bigger pool, you probably need a heater that is big. The heater needs to be powerful enough to ensure warmth to that large surface of the water. For the small ones, go for lightweight or less powerful heaters without any problem.
  2. The heater system you’ll avail should come with a sensible price. Something that is too cheap or expensive is probably going to be a reason for regret. Usually, solar pool heaters are affordable even with providing the latest heating technologies. So, going for an insanely pricey version will hardly do any good. Also, don’t pick any cheap model that promises too many good features to be true. There are many models that are a big mouth with a loss of efficiency. And the too inexpensive models are usually top in these lists.
  3. You want to go for something that is easy to put on and remove. An easy installation solar pool heater or mat is what the first-timers will find comfort and convenience in using. So, if you are a beginner, keep ease of use in mind.
  4. The amount of heat increment happening due to the heater is an important factor to consider. You should have a look at the figure of how much temperature increment can be expected for how many numbers of days to have better ideas. Usually, five to ten Fahrenheit degree augmentation is good to go for a solar pool heating mat.
  5. Depending on what activity you’ll be doing on the pool, select the heater. An exercise-oriented pool should have a consistent heating system, unlike solar ones, sound more appropriate. However, for the relaxation and simple activities for kids, solar heating can be quite convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions About Top Rated Solar Pool Heaters

What’s the difference between solar and electric heater?

The electric heaters will need electricity to operate and that’s the most obvious difference from solar ones. These take tons of energy causing you a pretty big electricity bill by the end of the month. Not something for a person who wants to travel the inexpensive route. However, if you don’t mind the bigger bills, go for it. Solar heaters are, on the other hand, slow at results but fantastic at saving bucks and also super environ friendly.

What size solar pool heater should you pick

It should be compatible with the pool you already own of course. You need to consider the dimension right to pick a right fit for the pool. However, there are options available for solar mats that allow you to trim a particular area and enjoy the right fittings.

Are above ground pool heaters any good?

Of course, they are! The solar heater systems meant for above ground pools will save you a lot of installation costs. It also prices less itself. And so, you can enjoy a lot of budget-friendliness with the purchase, installation as well as maintenance when opting for above ground pool solar heaters.

Summing Up!

You have the 5 best solar pool heater models now. It’s only left to make a choice that suits best with what you’re looking for and buy it. Installing one will take less stress, using will be a relaxing experience and maintained is a must you should mull over after purchase.

Keeping these points in mind, you’ll be able to own a solar pool heater and take full advantage of it. Good Luck!

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