Best Turtle Tank Heaters To Buy in 2021 | Top 9 Picks

Turtles are a fun creature that makes you go for the extra research before buying one. And it’s actually no big deal for the aquarists who enjoy having such beautiful creatures at their home. Keeping turtles is a very popular thing now and people are loving this thrill. The main part where most people have to focus is to maintain the right turtle tank.

And you can’t think about proper tank maintenance without filtration and heating. Coldwater can make your dear turtle pets sluggish and sometimes sick as well. So, getting the best turtle tank heater is a must-do thing once you decide to pet pretty turtles in tank.

Who Needs the Best Turtle Tank Heater?

Now is it compulsory for all types of turtles, you may be thinking about it? For most sorts of turtles, they have different requirements to live. But one common feature noticeable is how cold-blooded these creatures are. And that makes them extremely dependable on the heat found in the environment.

So that there’s no pause or halt in its internal processes. With cold and low-temperature environments, turtles can’t function the right way. And this can lead them to go for deeper hibernation.

For worst-case scenarios, turtles may end up killing themselves in the long run. And so, it’s not going to work if you only think about giving them, a nice warm basking area. You need a system that properly heats the place. And in most cases, you’ll need a worthy turtle tank heater.

Comparing & Reviewing 9 Best Turtle Tank Heater

Here comes the moment of truth! We are going to review each of the 9 product recommendations below in detail. This will be on terms of all the basic and advanced features that are important to measure whether a heater is actually worth for turtle tanks or not. Keep on Reading!

Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater – with Added Electronic Thermostat

Highlighted Features of Tetra HT

  • It comes in two power variety.
  • Included with indicator lights.
  • Automatic heat maintenance of 78-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Handles 2 to 10 gallons tanks easily.
  • Supports both horizontal and vertical installation.
  • Super conceivable to keep up with room deco.

Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater – with Added Electronic ThermostatTetra is probably the most talked-about aquarium heater company that has been famous for being extremely reliable and coming with all modern technology embedded models. This particular submersible model comes with the accuracy of an included electronic thermostat with lots of other plus points we are about to discuss below.

So, the Tetra HT comes with two types of power varieties you can choose from. Both 50 watt and 100-watt models work excellent with their compatible tank sizes. The heaters also include an indicator light for user convenience. You can easily keep a note of whether the heater is on or not.

You can use the Tetra HT for hoods or glass canopies as well, specifically the ones that offer 2 to 10 gallons of capacity. The installation process is rather simple than hard with provided compatibility of both horizontal and vertical fit in.

Also, the Tetra HT makes available a pretty small footprint. So, you can easily keep it behind your show prices or any décor item to conceal and hide.

What We Think About Tetra HT

We are loving the Tetra HT that is super excellent at providing the mind-blowingly easy temperature adjustment benefit. The automaticity makes it even simpler for regular life usage. Your turtles are going to love the environment and grow in perfect health. However, we believe you should not absolutely become careless about checking the heat and warmth occasionally just in case of coil burning.

Tetra 26445 Fauna Aquatic Reptile Heater

Highlighted Features of Tetra 26445

  • It comes with 100 watts of power support.
  • Super budget-friendly.
  • Includes thermostat with automatic adjustment.
  • 8-foot cord included that manages any direction.
  • Active turtles are safe with two oversized suction cups.

Tetra 26445 Fauna Aquatic Reptile HeaterAnother Tetra product that of course glows up for its unique and high-quality performance with the Tetra 26445 which is a typical reptile heater meant for frogs, newts, and not to mention, turtles. It comes with super security to avoid breakage accidents and keep your little pet safe when you are not there.

The Tetra 26445 comes with a supportive and strong cage made of plastic. This cage acts as a security for reptiles to avoid any breakage related accident and protect your pet.

Also, it includes a thermostat which is, of course, a high point of Tetra. With the included benefit, you can enjoy automatic temperature adjustment without any need for frequent changes done manually.

There’s also an opening for convenience into the plastic cage. This helps to support the 8-foot cord as well and keep it adapting in various directions.

In case your turtle is a bit too active then there’s also the facility of oversized suction cups. The two pieces can provide high support for holding movements and keep them safe. There’s included manual for proper adjustment and user-friendliness.

What We Think About Tetra 26445

Undoubtedly, we love the concept of Tetra 26445. Through various approaches, we’ve also found out that turtles love the environment created by Tetra 26445 and some also tend to sleep comfortably inside. In terms of durability and compactness, it’s surely a hit.

Aqueon Pro Heaters Submersible Aquarium Heaters

Highlighted Features of Aqueon Pro:

  • Adjustable from 68 to 88 Fahrenheit.
  • +/- 1° thermostat accuracy is available.
  • It comes with a shatterproof design.
  • Nearly indestructible for tough built quality.
  • Complete submersible style heater.

Aqueon Pro Heaters Submersible Aquarium HeatersThe boss of heat distribution is what we like to address for the Aqueon Pro Heater. It is one amazing model from Aqueon that also makes available high durability built-in. Of course, there are a lot more than that, let’s talk more below.

The shell of Aqueon Pro is fantastic and pretty strong to give you a corrosive resistant performance for a long time even with heavy usage. The built quality is surely its strong point that enables this amount of durability.

Not to mention, the heat distribution process makes it easier for your turtles to live inside the warm environmental water comfortably and in a healthy way.

There is also the benefit of a pro-quality electric thermostat. With this support, you can enjoy the most accurate temperature setting to ensure your turtle’s safeguarding.

There is also an LED power indicator that signals about the heating conditions. Red means it is turned on and through the green light, the indicator signals that the selected temperature is enabled.

You can use the Aqueon Pro with both vertical and horizontal installation without any problem as well. Also, it includes amazing features such as auto shutting off when overheating clicks in or resetting that allows automatic cooling down.

What We Think About Aqueon Pro

With amazing complete submersible design and some mind-blowing safety features, we are quite impressed with the performance of Aqueon Pro. You can ensure maximum security plus adjustability with this choice indeed.

Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater

Highlighted Features of Eheim Jager:

  • No running dry with thermo safety control included.
  • Detects too low dipped water level.
  • Automatic turning off for low dipped level.
  • Temperature regulation is precise and accurate.
  • Shock-resistant design.
  • Shatterproof body.

Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat HeaterEheim Jager is another complete submersible designed heater for the turtle that comes with 8 power options to choose from. So, if you need a very specific amount of power to heat your specific a tank capacity without exploring too much, then this can be an ideal bet.

The Eheim Jager comes with an ultra-modern thermal device run electronically. And this is certainly the newest and best technology to use both freshwater and saltwater environments easily.

The complete submersible heater also ensures top-grade quality construction. The glass used to make it is completely shatterproof. It can also tolerate multiple temperatures even at extreme rates.

The heating surface is also great with the glass jacket and so, you get very even heat distribution for proper turtle living environment creation.

The temperatures are also adjustable using the easy TruTemp Dial. This also lets the user adjust starting from 18 to 34 degrees Celsius. A precise temperature reading is also available thanks to the readjustment ring.

The safety mechanism is one of the best that can detect dry running very easily. As a result, whenever there’s the complete removal of water, it turns off itself giving a perfect thermos safety control benefit.

What We Think About Eheim Jager

We found the Eheim Jager precisely designed to make a suitable environment for turtles. It comes with mounting bracket and suction cups as well that caught our attention. The way it can handle the extra-long power cord is also very impressive.

Finnex Digital Touch Control Aquarium Titanium Heater

The HMX 200S is far from the standard and conventional style heaters that we are used to seeing for aquariums and tanks. It’s trendier, in-style and amazingly sleek with some of the coolest features to raise your turtle friends.

Highlighted Features of HMX 200S

  • 6 power capacities to choose from.
  • Very sleek looking touchpad control.
  • Protective guard included.
  • Made of strong titanium.
  • The temperature setting is precise.
  • Previous settings are restorable. 

The HMX 200S from absolutely reliable Finnex is a lot more than standard heater style expectations. It slays with a unique and sleek touchpad that absolutely provides a glamourous result for digital temperature reading. Not to mention, how nicely wrapped the black housing looks.

The titanium made the body also comes with a protective guard. This makes sure the surroundings and inhabitants of the tank both get the best safety features. Also, it comes with suction cups for an upgraded experience.

Talking a bit more about the construction, the titanium is surely very high in terms of quality meeting durable requirements like the best in town. It can tolerate the movements and aggressiveness of even larger aquatic creatures. And for the most part, it’s also declared to be virtually unbreakable.

There’s also a way to recover any lost temperature setting thanks toa unique system using memory for storing your preset information tactfully. As a result, a complete temperature safeguarding is also at the board.

What We Think About HMX 200S

The sleekness and modernized control heater surely rule heart for its precession qualities plus how nicely built it is. We definitely find it worth the money deal to go for.

Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater

Highlighted Features of Cobalt Aquatics

  • Complete submersible design.
  • Energy efficiency included.
  • Reversible bracket included.
  • One-touch accurate system embedded.
  • Integrated thermal protection included.
  • Shatterproof outer casing type.

Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm HeaterCobalt Aquatics heater comes with all modern facilities you can imagine in a budget-friendly option with standard construction quality. With the complete submersible heating facility, it’s extremely appropriate for the turtle’s environment to build up.

The Cobalt Aquatics comes with a power option to match multiple tank capacities. As a result, you have the opportunity to match with your owned turtle tank and get the right power option.

There’s also a one-touch system coming along to make accurate temperature settings and get the complete observation with the provided LED.

There’s complete protection ensured with included integrated thermal security system. This protection circuitry can avoid any overheating cases like a genius. Also, there’s the auto shut off feature for those who forget often about shutting their tools off.

The construction quality is top-notch and uses resin/thermoplastic design to avoid problems that most other cheap, glass heaters make. There’s also an outer casing meant to play the virtually indestructible role perfectly. Poland made heater also comes with a proper warranty option to safeguard the deal completely.

It comes with proper safety and adjustment benefits to ensure the right temperature for your living turtle’s well upraising in very economical pricing.

What We Think About Cobalt Aquatics

We found most of the boxes ticked with green marks for the quality filled Cobalt Aquatics heater. It’s a good deal to crack that comes with very affordable pricing and also there’s no unreliable or misleadingness coming along in terms of safety. It’s a variety of full options that lets the user define their right power need accordingly through offering multiple watt choices.

Hydor In-Line External Heater

Highlighted Features of Hydor In-Line

  • Extremely user-friendly design.
  • Electrical temperature control included.
  • Precise temperature readings.
  • External use heater.
  • It comes with half inch hose.
  • 3 power options.

Hydor In-Line External HeaterFor all marine and tropical creatures, the Hydor In-Line heater has to be one of the finest options to try that come with exciting features at a very sensible price point.

The Hydor In-Line is a very basic type of heater that comes with a standard design to serve for those turtle owners who need something simplistic but effective. It does not feature very fancy varieties and control benefits but some users will love the basic strong model to have just the right features for sensible pricing.

The temperature control is, of course, great and provides very accurate reading most of the time. You can maintain the warmth for your turtles according to the condition of your pets every day through this.

The Hydor In-Line also comes with three standard power watt options. You can avail of the 100, 200- and 300-watt option to match the right tank capacity to arrange a better heating environment.

The PTC technology makes it a super flexible heater to try for turtle tanks and provides the right balance of security plus functionality. There’s less risk of overheating thanks to the included PTC technology.

Also, it comes with a support system that can fit return lines from canister filters as well as sumps. It also includes a half-inch hose for convenient use.

What We Think About Hydor In-Line

The user-friendly temperature setting module with a silent in performance facility, we found the Hydor In-Line simple but very effective in terms of maintaining basic heating demands. It’s very straightforward at design, so anybody would find it easy to use Hydor In-Line.

ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater

Highlighted Features of ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz

  • Built with strong quartz glass.
  • Complete submersible design.
  • Temperature settings are easy.
  • Visible temperature reading.
  • Both for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible HeaterViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz comes with a complete submersible design that is also accurately energy-efficient making your whole deal even more economical.

The ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz is another basic turtle tank heater you can get for minimal pricing. It comes with all necessary straightforward features to have inside a good looking and working submersible heater.

The overall design for ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz is completely submersible. It comes with 200 watts of power capacity. And so, you need to use for a tank capacity that finds this much of watts power useful.

Also, the ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz encourages a visible temperature setting. It’s pretty user-friendly for this reason and anybody can use it easily.

The heater is made with high-quality Quartz glass built-in. And so, you can expect a moderately good quality construction value for its price point that lasts pretty long.

Also, the ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz is easy to maintain with a very simple water changing method. Overall, it’s a good deal for the price with the right amount of quality expected.

What We Think About ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz

It’s probably not the best out of all, but the design and concept suit perfectly for those who need something straightforward and simple. The deal looks smart when you want to keep it minimal and don’t need something too serious for water temperature varying.

Exo Terra Terrarium Submersible Turtle Heater

Highlighted Features of Exo Terra Terrarium

  • Two power capacity to choose from.
  • Preset type of submersible heater.
  • Mount suction cups.
  • Very compact design.
  • Safe construction quality.
  • Includes clear instructions on site.

Exo Terra Terrarium Submersible Turtle HeaterIf you are only interested to get something that targets turtles especially, then the minimalist but yet explorable feature embedded Exo Terra Terrarium heater should be a good bet to go for.

The Exo Terra Terrarium is a present submersible heater that comes in two varieties. One supports 75 watts of power capacity and the other is a 25-watt one. There are suction cups mounted with this heater. Also, it enables a very compact design for someone who wants it for smaller needs.

The construction quality is averagely rugged but enough for ensuring proper safety. There’s also a cord protector included and it is made from stainless steel material.

The 75 watts unit can keep the temperature for 78 degrees Fahrenheit to make an ideal environment for your turtle. There are easy-to-follow user instructions coming along as well.

The plastic casing with high impact quality is pretty average but enough for the price point and also, there are included mounting brackets for both oversized suction cups.

What We Think About Exo Terra Terrarium

It’s surely not a very glamorous pick out of these 9. However, the heater can do a moderately good job when you don’t need that much chaos of various features. It’s something that keeps your straightforward heating goals in check within the means of the budget. The heating process is a bit slow which we found a little problematic. But for small-sized tanks, it can work pretty fine.

How to Choose the Best Turtle Tank Heater

It may end up being very complicated if you start looking at tank heating options available without knowing how to pick a suitable one. Since most of them will seem pretty tempting with overly claimed features and promises.

So, the best way is to care mostly about the basic and simple functionalities. Anything extra is a plus but you should ensure the elementary parts for choice making. Here’s some point to keep in mind.

The Type You Get

Basically, there are three types to talk about when it comes to aquarium heaters. The first one is a stick like looking submersible aquarium heater that comes with a protective cover. Inside it stays the heating element. The cover is usually made with glass or plastic. These come with many beneficial features such as temperature setting plus adjustments, safety shut-off, and even heating.

The next type does not have the ugly stick standing in view of the tank and it’s called an external heater. These are less common and widespread compared to submersible ones. This is because the external heater requires a canister filter in most cases. And the set up might seem a bit too intimate sometimes.

The final type is known as the Under gravel heater. This type of heater helps in plant growth a lot. Some propel have mixed feelings for the effectiveness of this particular type.

High-Quality Material Construction

When you are looking into a hurtle tank heater, you should considerably have check son the material used to make it. It needs to be tough and sturdy for the tank’s even heating. A good material choice for a turtle tank heater should be able to provide enough built quality, such as metal made heaters.

Also, you want to have some thermal resistance in it. that way, your heater won’t be defeating to breaks like glass. Also, since turtles are bigger than fishes, a glass heater can be easily damaged unless it’s very high quality. Go for materials that ensure durability, reliability and also high resistance.

The Price Point

When considering a heater, you don’t want to waste your money on something extremely cheap. Often there are too good to be true types of deals available that make consumers greedy enough to trust their false claim.

You should never take the risk of spending money on something that promises excellent offers within too little pricing. In most of the case, these are scams and once you receive the parcel, your heart gets broken.

Instead, go for the options that have a better brand reputation and something most users show a positive response towards. You want to properly research and chose an affordable pick that isn’t out of your budget and at the same time not extremely inexpensive. That’s the smartest way to buy stuff lasting longer and providing better value.

Check Power Option

The heating power of turtle tank eaters needs to enough for its size. A wrong power heater might be too much or too little for your turtle tank, so take notes here and check carefully. In most cases, a 20-gallon water capacity tank demands a heater that comes with 75 watts of power.

This is an ideal case to keep heating evenly and in an efficient manner. Also, for areas that are too cold, you would want a powerful heater that can warm a bit extra inside the tank.

Safety Matters

A low-quality heater often makes the situation critical for your tank turtles by going haywire and causing additional troubles. Some end up shattering or getting destroyed through overheating. So, spending twenty bucks extra is a smart move if the quality of a turtle tank heater seems to avoid such incidents.

After all, it’s a matter of safety for not only the turtles but your kids who’ll be watching them. Features such as shatterproof material. Shockproof design and auto-shutoff are something you should cheer for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Turtle Tank Heaters

Do I need a heater for my turtle tank?

Indoor sunlight is not going to be enough no matter what type of aquatic turtle you own. They must live inside a cozy area with roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than water temperature. So, you should not only think about the water heater but also a suitable sort of basking heat arrangement.

How warm should a turtle tank be?

If your turtle has a good health condition, set up the water environment by going for 25 to 26 Celsius temperature warmth. For the case of ill or hatchling turtle, you should keep the warmth slightly more intimidating. Go for 26 to 27 Celsius warmth in such a case. This is a case scenario for turtles that are over a year old.

What is the most reliable aquarium heater?

There are a number of brands available that provide reliable aquarium heaters for turtle tanks. However, you should choose something that can complement the tank parameter with an excellent temperature.

Tetra, Aqueon, and Eheim are some of the many reliable manufacturers that come with various types and feature embedded turtle tank heater to try. You can look into their options for finding a suitable pick for your turtle babies.

How can I keep my turtle tank warm?

If you are worried whether a tank heater will be enough for your turtles than going for another is alright. Many people sue double heaters to get better results. However, you should consider the certain type of turtle you own and their ideal temperature needs. Turtle tanks are easy to keep warm once you own a proper heater for it and that’s probably the best way.

Final Words

To keep the weather fine for your precious turtle pets you must think about investing for their goodwill as well. And by finding the best turtle tank heater suitable to their needs and demands, you are basically letting them live in a better environment.

With a market packed with so many types of heater, it must be very demanding to make a choice. And so, we did our best to find you some quality full and price-effective options to pick from. Now it’s your turn to go for your final decision after pondering enough important requirements and other facts.

Good Luck with That!


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