Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces For a Toasty Night

So, what stuff comes into your mind when we say heating up space with adding elegance and style? It has to be an electric fireplace. These are pretty much full of variety and so, you can choose from a very wide range of types available.

However, we find that the best wall mount electric fireplace can be a smart option if you want to save floor space. There are even models that come with the additional support of freestanding setup.

Today, we would like to present you with the top 7 picks of 2020 that rule the game of wall mounted fireplace design.

Who Needs the Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace?

Anybody who has limited or premium space will want to think twice before adding any home equipment on even furniture. However, in case that stuff is an electric fireplace, going for the wall-mounted design will surely save you a lot of space that would have been needed otherwise.

Also, a home that has pet or children need additional safety that a wall mounted electric fireplace is well capable of providing. With realistic looking faux flames to color-changing glow looks, there are many things that today’s wall mounted electric fireplaces feature.


Comparing & Reviewing 7 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Making one bet out of many is not a very simple job to do. And so, you should be fascinated with a preprocessed list that includes only the top choices from market providing all needs you’ve been interested in.

We have a decent 7 picks that seem pretty sound and affordable for what they claim and provide. Here are the complete reviews of these 7 picks after a comparison done in the below table. Enjoy!

Touchstone 80004 Sideline Electric Fireplace

Those who want to have some comfortable warming with also a bit of sophistication added to their home’s décor, Touchstone 80004 is what truly fits your desire clouds perfectly. It’s a fantastic pick that comes with marvelous temperature setups and flame settings to match your needs nicely.

Highlighted Features of Touchstone 80004

  • Two heat settings.
  • Flame settings up to 5.
  • Wide up to 50 inches.
  • 1500/750-Watt option.
  • Hard wired and plugged wiring available.
  • Includes heat vents.

More Details on Touchstone 80004

Touchstone 80004 Sideline Electric FireplaceThe Touchstone 80004 comes with two heat settings to start and you can optimize accordingly to what temperature warmth you are needing. Also, it has five different flame settings to choose from. During winter, the high setting is fantastic to warm pretty quickly.

It comes with recessed mounting in a wall setup that is very easy to maintain. You just need to create a rough frame on your wall. And then simply move the existing studs and use 2 crews to fit the mounting bracket on both sides. There’s easy to follow instructions given for simply doing it yourself.

Now most of us really love the traditional atmosphere of a fireplace with the authentic flames. THE Touchstone 80004 can mimic the real looking flames to give you the exact same vibe. So, you get to enjoy the cozy and toasty feeling during winter with the beautiful looking flames.

Also, there are five settings for three colored flames that you can pick from. With soft ember glow or intense blaze, you can adjust according to your taste. The colors are also pretty nice with the orange, blue or orange-blue mashup.

What We Think About Touchstone 80004

We are loving the vibe of Touchstone 80004 that comes with creating an authentic feel with the logs and glass combination. The brightness settings are changeable from dull ember glow to full blazing light and that’s something we really adore about Touchstone 80004.

 Log Ventless Heater Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

If you are tired of gas logs, log sets, gas fireplaces, and such type of faux looking units ruining your expectation and mood, then bring home the Regal Flame Ashford. The real looking flames will instantly calm your stresses and give a relieving warmth to stay indoors most comfortably.

Highlighted Features of Regal Flame Ashford

  • Dimension is 50.4W x 5.5D x 21.65H inches.
  • Heat settings are three.
  • The weight is 46 pounds.
  • 1/2 to 7.5 hours settable timer auto-shutoff option.
  • Ventless design.
  • Suitable for 400 square feet room.

More Details on Regal Flame Ashford

Ventless Heater Electric Wall Mounted FireplaceYou don’t need a gas line or carry firewood into your house anymore with Regal Flame Ashford. The faux design of piled up gas logs make it look super aesthetic and authentic without the extra hassle.

The matte black frame gives a stylish contemporary vibe and a classy yet durable tempered glass makes the perfect house for those log sets to lie behind and burn through passion. No vent, no smoke, and you still feel the warmth throughout cold nights.

Depending on the night’s temperature, you can easily pick any preferable heat setting from the provided three. These are low, high and no heat that provides the comfortable warmth you’ll love. This practical and functional fixture has the heat vent situated above the middle front area.

The installation of Regal Flame Ashford is also hassle-free since you just need to follow step by step instructions provided to get a nice wall-mounted setup. It weighs 46 pounds and so, it’s pretty practical to manage. To get it into the walls, the package includes some easily mountable bracket as well.

What We Think About Regal Flame Ashford

Regal Flame Ashford pretends to be a focal decorating item of your living or dining room-saving some money from the home décor shopping list. To keep things safe, the Regal Flame Ashford also includes a timer that you can easily optimize and set from halt to seven and a half hours of duration for automatic shutting off. By no means, we would hesitate to recommend the Regal Flame Ashford for both heating and decorating purposes.

Regal Flame Denali 3 Color Heater Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Even with the basic design and concept of home warming, Regal Flame Denali truly adds up to a home and makes it drastically beautiful by being a focal point grabbing your visitor’s attention and gaining you many praises for its unique and beautiful looks. It’s a home diva that also takes care of warmth for your kids with safety.

Highlighted Features of Regal Flame Denali

  • Covers 400 square feet area.
  • Electrical with 2.5 W per hour capability.
  • Three heat settings included.
  • 3 color realistic flames available.
  • Weight is 47 pounds.
  • Needs a simple 20 minutes installation.

More Details on Regal Flame Denali

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces For a Toasty Night 1The Regal Flame Denali is super simple to install and most users shared that it took them barely 20 minutes to do it with the help of a fellow family member. The wall-mounted set up requires very easy instructions to follow so no stressing over complex and complicated part dealing.

Also, there are up to three convenient heat settings to pick from. So, you can easily choose one depending own that climate that particular day or night has and that’s pretty amazing.

Not only for warming the space, but this fireplace also tops with its unique décor beauty to make your space look elegant and classy.

There is also a three-color option with the flames and there’s no need for running gas lines or gas logs. It can easily handle rooms up to 400 square feet but in some cases more than that. The manufacturer is pretty confident with their design and so, you get a good 100% satisfaction guarantee coming along.

What We Think About Regal Flame Denali

If you are on your home remodeling and want to try something realistic yet modern, then Regal Flame Denali can truly match your situation pretty well. We were wowed when we realized that the flames don’t repeat themselves and so, there’s a very genuine touch to the overall feel. The heating is also very powerful and good enough to warm up half of the whole house unless you own a pretty big one.

Best Choice Products Electric Wall Mount and Free-Standing Fireplace Heater

The importance of no emission and no pollution electric fireplaces are slowly making sense to many homeowners. The Best Choice Products Fireplace Heater is absolutely for all the respected kind-to-environment homeowners without losing the feel of a wooden fireplace.

Highlighted Features of Best Choice Products Fireplace Heater

  • The low and high heat setting.
  • Wall-mounted installation.
  • 3D flame technology included.
  • Avoids pollution and emissions.
  • Includes remote.
  • The front is made with detachable glass.
  • Glossy black finish.

More Details on Best Choice Products Fireplace Heater

Electric Wall Mount and Free-Standing Fireplace HeaterThe Best Choice Products Fireplace Heater supports both wall-mounted and freestanding setup, so you have your chance to pick any one depending on your requirements.The dual heat settings are easy to switch and shows result quite instantly by quickly adjusting the warmth of the space.The black body has a beautiful tempered glass panel that showcases those 3D flames and it looks extra beautiful when you chose to use the stand and go for various placement adjustments to fit your existing décor.

The Best Choice Products Fireplace Heater also includes a remote-control unit with it. This piece really saves a lot of energy and time. You can simply decide the heat setting or turn it on-off using the remote-control in seconds. Manual turning on and off option is also available in case you want these.

The overall built quality and design is mesmerizing. The black body goes very well with glossy finish and becomes a reason for grabbing your visitor’s attention gaining you some extra phase on your thoughtfulness on home décor.

What We Think About Best Choice Products Fireplace Heater

We really get wowed by the fact that Best Choice Products Fireplace Heater can warm up a bedroom of moderate size really quickly even at the lowest setting. Also, it’s been said that the Best Choice Products Fireplace Heater surprisingly gets you a very nominal utility fee at the end of the month if you decide to go for a thoughtful heat setting use.

ClassicFlame 47II100GRG Felicity Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Contemporary homes are now more focused to make modernizing a rule to keep things balanced and ClassicFlame 47II100GRG is truly a blissful addition for such purposes. It comes with many marvelous features at a very practical price point.

Highlighted Features of ClassicFlame 47II100GRG

  • 47-inch in size.
  • Wall-mounted installation.
  • Pedestal included for freestanding setup.
  • 5200 PTU fireplace.
  • Digital thermostat included that is adjustable.

More Details on ClassicFlame 47II100GRG

Felicity Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz FireplaceOf course, the ClassicFlame 47II100GRG needs no gas and so, you can stay worry-free about being a reason it produces emissions and causing air pollution. So, environment lovers will really appreciate such additions to their homes for good.If you have limited floor space on at your house, then the wall-mounted set up of ClassicFlame 47II100GRG will make it easier for you to make things work better even with the limitation.

Also, this electric infrared quartz fireplace has an upper hand at providing you the glow that looks similar to traditional fireplaces. And that comes without the mess of soot or any sort of ashes. The included pedestal with the set gives you the ability to use it in a freestanding manner if there’s floor space.

You can cover a thousand square feet area easily with the help of ClassicFlame 47II100GRG and compared to its price, the coverage is pretty insane honestly. Also, you have the chance to use the fireplace without any heating in case your kids want to enjoy the flames blazing beautifully.

What We Think About ClassicFlame 47II100GRG

The ClassicFlame 47II100GRG comes with three beautiful media types to choose from. For the purpose of beautiful decoration, we believe ClassicFlame 47II100GRGtops the game with translucent fire glass, an ivory river rocks and a rustic driftwood mode that is superiorly classy looking. These are complemented with the choice of five matching colors as well.

Giantex 35″ Xl Large 1500w Adjustable Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Heater

The Giantex 35″ Xl plays both roles of a perfect solution to cold winter nights and also a beautiful piece of the decorative unit into any room or space. The feel is totally unique and way different from the regular traditional style of the fireplace making it worthy for your house and not to forget its efficiency that needs no emission or pollution-related results.

Highlighted Features of Giantex 35

  • Completely energy efficient.
  • Low and high heat setting available.
  • 5 mm tempering glass thickness.
  • 110V of voltage.
  • Overheating protection included.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Uses the dancing flame effect.

More Details on Giantex 35″ Xl

Adjustable Electric Wall Mount Fireplace HeaterNow for both decoration and heating purposes, Giantex 35″ Xl doe as great job fitting into both worlds and exceed expectations since the price is pretty low. It’s of course, way different from traditional fireplaces and falls under the modern looks that seriously do justice to contemporary home décor.

The energy efficiency is very nice and helps to avoid those harmful emissions and pollutions we all are not ready to expect, especially in days where everybody is highly serious about environmental friendliness.

There’s a remote unit included with Giantex 35″ Xl and so, usability gets almost full marks. It’s very simple to adjust and use the unit with the remote and takes a pretty little amount of time. The two heat settings are ideal for a simple interface seeking user. You can set up low or high and the results are pretty much instant.

Also, the 5 mm thick tempered glass males the built-in very convincing and it feels super strong which was a bit unexpecting since the price point is quite inexpensive. Using the wall-mount bracket, one can easily finish the installation with a simple try.

What We Think About Giantex 35

The sturdy built quality is surely a focal point of the Giantex 35″ Xl that we really find emphasizing. Also, the unit makes zero noise and that’s one great refiling point especially if you have babies at home. With overheat protection and real-looking flames, we are almost sold for this unit.

Regal Flame Gibson Living GL5135LE Soho Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

With the combination of chic and bold looks, the Regal Flame Gibson Living GL5135LE is a beautiful curvy, black fireplace that can play the main lead for your home decoration drama. It looks super classy and keeps your desire for low, high and no heat but flame coming true like magic.

Highlighted Features of Regal Flame Gibson Living GL5135

  • Wall-mounted installation.
  • Smokeless and ventless design.
  • Flame effect included.
  • 5200 PTUs at 1500 watts.
  • Batteries are not included.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • 5 pounds lightweight fireplace.

More Details on Regal Flame Gibson Living GL5135LE

Wall Mounted Electric FireplaceRegal Flame Gibson Living GL5135LE is a classy choice when it comes to those who would definitely mind an odd piece ruining their décor details. It comes with three heat settings to choose from.You can try to keep the warmth high or low. Also, to simply view just the flames without any heat up taking place, there’s a no-heat option to set.

It’s the most lightweight fireplace in this list and comes with a remote unit as well. You can control the heat and flame easily saving time and effort with the help of this included remote.

There is wall mounted hardware included with the packaging so you can go for some floor saving installation on your own.

The Regal Flame Gibson Living GL5135LE is a ventless electric fireplace and heater that needs no troubling mantel, ethanol, insert space, stove, gas, chimney, get cans or anything similar. It’s the perfect indoor warming solution anybody would love to have when saving money and beautification of a home is the top priority.

What We Think About Regal Flame Gibson Living GL5135LE

Anybody who wants an affordable fireplace with the most realistic looking flame should invest in Regal Flame Gibson Living GL5135LE. The humble design with a handy remote and its other emphasizing features, the deal looks solid from both inside and outside. And the cherry on top factor is that the Regal Flame Gibson Living GL5135LE makes zero noise.

How to Choose the Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Some factors that will play major importance in your resulting choice are going to be listed below by us. Make sure you also take into account other criteria that you feel are important to make a decision on if an electric fireplace deserves to be at your house or not. Let’s know the common ones…

Cut Cost with Energy Ef

Before you chose on a particular wall mounted electric fireplace, have a check on its energy efficiency. There are several models that can save you some utility costs by heating in an energy-efficient way. And you should invest in a model that comes with such a facility in case of using several ones for different rooms. Another interesting feature could be environment friendliness. These models provide no emission or pollution results.

Getting Right Power Capacity

You should measure the room before making a choice to understand exactly what power capacity that area needs to get heated well. The size of the room will have a direct connection with the power capacity of the fireplace. Getting too small heater for a huge room will feel disappointing. And also, a bigger heater for a smaller space will waste your money.

The Fan Vent

Usually, fireplaces come with delivery vents situation on the top or bottom area. You should consider the organization of your room to understand whether a top or a bottom vent will be suitable. A bottom vent might be a problem if there’s a lot of furniture since heat getting blocked is a possible situation.

On the other hand, if the TV is mounted above your top vented heater, it’s probably a big error. So, decide this factor depending on the amount of furniture and the layout as well.

Size of the Fireplace

The space available into the room where you want to place the fireplace is an important consideration you must have beforehand. Figuring out that space earlier will allow you to choose a fireplace that does not later become a hassle in fitting inside. There are so many varieties when it comes to electric fireplace sizes. So, you should not be having trouble finding a quality heater fireplace that is your ideal size.

Also, make sure you take three to six feet of clearance from every side into account. If there’s a TV in the area, the new fireplace should not be bigger than the Tv.

Construction Quality

You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on any model that comes with poor built-in quality. Something has a rough and tough construction that should be your ideal bet. Some brands offer quality assurance and various warranties for several parts to assure that you are not losing any money in a risky way.

Flush or Recessed Wall Mounted Style.

Wall-mounted fireplace usually come in two styles. One is known as the flush model and it comes with a bracket. This type needs to be placed flat against the supporting wall. Another version is called recessed and it requires a cut-out slot in the wall to install. This also comes with a bracket. However, the latter is considered to be a bit hard at installing.

Realistic Looking Flames.

There should be some technology used in your future fireplace that can provide some faux flaming effect. This is a great way to keep your stress level in check. Because watching flames from the couch is known to be a great way to spend the winter time relaxing. Several models use various optical techniques to bring this feature.

Color Options

Find a model that provides with various color changing option to set those flames on fire with the shade you prefer more attractive. This is a great thing to add to your checklist if you wish to get the electric fireplace for decorative purposes as well. More color settings mean you have better varieties available at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Fireplace

How do you mount an electric fireplace on the wall?

You want to decide a location for the installation that is near to a power outlet. Then simply attach the provided bracket on the wall at the position that the included instructions refer to. You need to also place some brackets on the fireplace’s bottom. However, this might not be the case of every model but a few. Finally, you should hang the fireplace on the attached bracket. Securely make the bottom connected with the wall. You can enjoy the heating by plugging the cord in. Done!

How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

Most of the electric fireplace includes a 1500 watts power feature. In case the user needs it only for ambiance, the cost will be 0.003-0.03 dollars every hour. However, with the heating unit at work, expect a cost around 0.09 dollars every hour for the medium setting. On the max setting, it can be 0.18 dollars per hour.

What fireplace safety tips should I follow?

Using an extension lead to connect with a power outlet at a distance is not a safe choice. Because that can cause fire by overloading. Also, make sure you keep your pet and children away from it because sometimes the heating unit becomes too hot and they may get burned.

When you are not using the unit, don’t leave it turned on. Keep it unplugged especially for kids since they may press buttons and cause trouble later. Make sure you do check up on the power cord as well as the plug every once in a while. Won or damaged wires need your attention or else it may cost wire sheathing later.

What spot at the home is best to place the fireplace?

These are good to use in any room inside your home or office. The things that will impact its performance are the preferences, space and also other options you own. An electric fireplace is perfect for rooms that don’t get covered by other heating sources due to being out of reach. These tiny solutions are good to save you and fits very well in kitchens, bathroom and so on.

Is electric fireplace good at heating?

Depending on the room size and provided BTUs in your new fireplace, the heating quality may fluctuate. A fireplace that comes with 4000 to 5000 BTU can easily manage a 600 square feet area to heat properly. For medium heating set up, that much BTU is enough. The heating quality depends highly on the intensity and room space. These are a good way to warm up until you use them for zone heating. For bigger houses or entire home coverage, you need better solutions.

Final Words

You can confidently pick any one model from these best wall mount electric fireplaces options. There are many factors you should consider however to make a prominent choice. And to let that happen, there’s no alternative to researching and pondering. You’ll be spending money on the tool and nobody would want to waste it on something cheaper looking as well as poor providing.

So, do your best until you get a suitable pick for your sweet home. Good Luck! 


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