How To Start a Chainsaw Safe & Soundly

Chainsaw operation is a very delicate yet pretty simple thing to do for homeowners or professionals. However, the most careful part of the whole mechanism is to start the machine. You need to follow some safety basics and know-how for proper starting. And that’s what we are going to do for today’s discussion. Yes, I’m about to disclose my methods on how to start a chainsaw. Using the tricks and guidelines you can easily ensure a safe starting and avoid damages.

How to Start a Chainsaw

No matter what chore you are going to use the chainsaws for, there’s a certain pattern to follow depending on your skills for starting it up. Once you have decided what specific task out of limbing, bucking, or felling you want to perform, get your chainsaw and make sure it’s maintained well. As soon as you ensure these, we are good to go!

Before Starting

Of course, there are some maintenance steps that you need to carry out before dealing with any chainsaw at all. I’ll try to include those important ones below the writing. For now, let’s focus on some common checking. For example, you need to ensure that the chainsaw is doing well with control, bar, chain, and handles parts.

The chain needs to be properly tensioned as well as have the right amount of sharpness. Then go to the oil reservoirs part. You need to check whether it has been filled well with both gas and bar oil properly. Even with a few minutes of cutting chore, you need no shortage of fuel midway. This is risky and often causes trouble for the process. So, ensure this part.

Running out of oil can cause friction and heat production. This is not good for the wellbeing of your expensive chainsaw for sure. So, don’t take a chance. Don’t fill the tank when the chainsaw is above the ground. Never do this while it is on the ungrounded tailgate of a truck. Also, don’t fuel a chainsaw that is too hot. Avoid smoking while being near a chainsaw. Finally. It’s time to read the owner’s manual attached with the chainsaw. You need to have an idea about all controls and safety that should be mentioned in the manual.

Wear some protective wears. Here’s a list to follow:

  1. A tough and sturdy hat.
  2. A chainsaw makes a horrible sound, so make sure you wear earbuds or earmuffs.
  3. Protective goggles are a must to avoid the wood chips or particles entering your eyes.
  4. Wear long pants that are comfortable.
  5. Working gloves, rubber ones are preferable.
  6. Boots with steel toes.

The First Method of Starting

Time for us to dig into the very first method and it’s my favorite and go-to way basically. To make you feel better, let me crack something. My techniques are approved STIHL ways of starting a chainsaw. If you are a beginner or new user, then also this method will feel easier for you.

  1. For the first step, simply let the saw place on the ground. It should be on a level surface for sure. Also, don’t forget to use a strong footing position.
  2. You need to place your right foot on the handle that is on the back of chainsaw. This will help to keep the tool steady while you try starting it.
  3. Now once you feel the position is firm enough to manage, use your left hand and hold the handlebar placed on the front. You need to hold it with a firm grip.
  4. Now using your other hand, engage the chain brake. This will make sure that the chain never moves. Until you are actually wanting it to move.
  5. For the final step, simply pull the starter straight up. And it should startup with a few tries.

The Second Method of Starting

If you are someone who has a pretty good experience with power tools then my next method is for you. This is pretty simple but a bit technical for new users. This is also a good way for those who have no access to terrain with good footing. Or maybe there’s a lot of underbrush going around the place.

  1. In this case, you need to put the back handle between both legs. Be sure you are enough careful. You need to hold it with the part that is behind your knee.
  2. Now using your left hand, grip the handlebar placed at front of a chainsaw. Make sure your arms are straight out.
  3. You need enough support on your left knee. Meanwhile, the chainsaw handle is behind your right knee. In that exact position, very carefully, pull on the starter. This should work if you are following the steps in the right way.
  4. The chain should never touch the ground in any situation, make sure of that. This is a sure way to damage and dull-down your chainsaw chain. Also, it’s going to bring some unnecessary and unwelcomed movements. And in some cases, these awkward positions cause serious injuries.
Maintenance for Proper Starting
  • Make sure the chain tensioning is done the right way before starting the chainsaw. A too-tight chain can cause breaking it. Also, the loose one will come off the bar and never allow safe usage.
  • If your chainsaw is not self-sharpening type, then don’t forget to do it manually before startup. This is an important maintenance step that you need to follow before every startup.

Chainsaw Basics: How To Start & Use A Chainsaw


Final Words

Finally, you have learned the method on how to start a chainsaw. Hopefully using the methods, I explained and my little tricks on maintenance, the chainsaw usage will become simpler and easier. You can always try to learn new ways, but for a beginner, these are enough things to know. Also, don’t forget to take proper safety measurements before starting up. This is not just the case with a chainsaw but any power tools.

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