How To Use Natural Gas Patio Heater-Safety & Maintenance

Once you decide to invest in a patio heater, it’s also time to learn the right usage method to get the full out of this device. It should be an apparatus you can depend on for all seasons. These are not just for the regular summer night chills. But it should also be able to provide you enough services in rough winter months.

So, you should have a better idea of how to use natural gas patio heater and the safety plus maintenance related to getting the whole out of it.


How to Use Natural Gas Patio Heater – Using Different Types, Safe Usage & Proper Maintenance

The gas patio heater is a well worthy machine that can easily heat tiny outdoor spaces of your home. These are something very useful for families that like to stay warm during night time breezes being a bit chilly. Using natural gas makes the patio heater well capable of providing more heat. However, for an enclosed area, this may not be the ideal pick and somewhat dangerous.

Let’s know more about the various usages of natural gas patio heater.

Using Freestanding Gas Patio Heaters

The freestanding type of gas patio heaters is usually flexible enough and easy to move. You can use these for a huge surface area. Most of the models are able to provide 40k BTU of heating output.

You can easily use this type without mounting on the wall or ceiling. Also, it’s okay if you don’t have a table to hold. Usually, in bars and restaurants, you can use the heater in busy patio areas.

You need a safe spot to place the freestanding gas patio heater. The installation is very easy and needs less time. For radiating heat and giving a nice warm glow, this uses fuel. Around garden settings, you can place these for rotating heat.

Depending on the surface size, you can choose any one size from the massive size range this type comes with. The most powerful gas patio heaters usually fall under this category.

Using Wall or Ceiling Mounted Gas Patio Heater

Those who have kids and pets at home will prefer the wall or ceiling mounted gas patio heater better. Since the installation is kept pretty out of reach from them. Also, it needs a permanent installation at a specific area and saves a lot of floor space. Hence those who need to manage limited outdoor space, this type can help you out.

These are great to use with angle alteration for heating benefit. It could be used to target heat in one specific area as well. Through angle adjustment, you can heat one specific spot and that’s why it can prevent heat loss majorly.  This cheaper variety can provide 25l to 30l BTU heat output.

Using Tabletop Gas Patio Heater

If you have outdoor spaces where there’s an arrangement to host parties or small get-to-gathers then this type works very well. It needs tabletop to stand and with 360 degrees of heating angle, all of your guests get the warmth equally.

In an environment with lots of guests sitting on a table or outdoor restaurants, tabletop gas patio heaters are seen widely. These, however, provide pretty low heating output compared to other versions. Also, you can use these for nearby area heating only. With around 12k BTU heat output, it is also pretty compact in size. So, you can carry or mover them easily.

Maintenance Tips for Proper Usage

To keep your heater completely functional, you must give importance to the maintenance regime. And the best way to keep your maintenance regimes the best results, you should also think about buying a patio heater cover. These are usually very durable and resistant to different weather conditions. As a result, it extends the life of your patio heater.

Also, there are many chances of wear and tear due to too much temperature or exposure to weather. You want to use these covers after letting the device to cool completely. You also should follow a straightforward but continuous cleanup routine. Don’t forget to turn off the gas supply before trying any cleaning at all. Also, avoid dissembling and go for a surface clean up instead.

The owner’s manual usually comes with guidelines that are recommended to follow for cleaning. You should be able to find information such as how often cleaning is better or the choice of product used to clean it.

Using Natural Gas Patio Heater with Safety

  • Make sure to install it on flat and even surface if not wall mounted. It should have lots of clearance space as well.
  • When not using, make sure the heater is turned off. There’s a risk of causing potential fire accidents and similar unnecessary events otherwise.
  • Safety tilt switch patio heaters are considered best for added security.
  • Using outdoor specific patio heaters for indoor use is a big no. This can be very dangerous and invite hazardous damage to your people.
  • These tools are tempted to become hot over long-time running sessions. So, you should supervise kids and pets whenever these devices are turned on.
  • Avoid placing anything over these heaters. Dry clothes are a big no in this case. Clothing can easily catch fire and so, you don’t want the produced heat to cause that trouble.

How To Connect your Gas Patio Heater


And that was a small and sweet guide on how to use natural gas patio heater. It’s not a challenging task to use this very common outdoor heating equipment. However, using the tool with the right safety and maintenance in mind is what makes things a bit more serious. And that’s where people tend to be less careful and less attentive.

Don’t let things get ever dangerous with your patio heater. So, follow the right safety, usage methods and maintenance to use these blissful apparatus without any problem.


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