Kobalt Miter Saw Review-Things You should Know

In the saw-market, some specific brands’ names are widespread because of the topnotch construction and superb performance! Kobalt is such a brand that people love for the miter saws! However, if you go for the wrong Kobalt Miter saw that doesn’t fit your requirements, you can never know why the brand is famous as the best one. So, we have selected three best miter saws manufactured by the company that you will love!

All you have to do is pick up anyone you think is the best deal for you and use it with pride! We bet you are never going to switch your miter saw brand any more!

Top 3 Kobalt Miter Saw Reviews

Kobalt 7-1/4 -inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Highlighted Features

  • A 7.25-inch blade
  • Dry and wet vacuum port
  • Compact design
  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • Laser guide included

If you want the ultimate experience in using a miter saw, you can get a sliding compound miter saw to provide you the maximum flexibility. This Kobalt miter saw is highly lightweight and is a fantastic option when it comes to compact designs.

You can easily pack this up and go outdoors if you plan to work on your yard. Storing it will also be easier! On the contrary, you can entirely rely on the construction as it is constructed with die-cast aluminum. It makes sure that it is sturdy enough to serve you for years. Also, this will last for a more extended period.

Moving the miter saw from storage to the job site is very easy too. For providing you the perfect pre-cutting line, you will get a laser guide. This is vertically mounted so that all your vertical cuts are smooth.

The users love this saw as it affords your precise alignment. The highest crosscut this device can provide is two by 8 inches. If you are dealing with framing cuts or molding, you can rely on this fantastic saw too. If you want to get a stand, you can also get the aluminum stand. However, you have to buy it separately. With this excellent miter saw, you will get a hold-down clamp. All you need to do is attach the workpiece with the clamp and keep it there. It won’t move and will stay in a stable situation during the whole cutting process.

No matter you are going through bevel, compound cuts, or miter cuts, you can have faith in the heavy-duty clamp. The aluminum fence gives the ultimate support for the setup and cutting progress. For keeping the working area dust-free, there is a dust port added with the kit. The vacuum port is of 1-¼ and can collect the dust without any complication.

There are both wet and dry vacuum facilities available with it. So, collecting whatever dust is before you will never be tough now! The blade of the miter saw is 7.25 inches. The most amazing fact is, you can use the saw without the stand too!

Though the brand affords such high-quality products, the price of the saw is quite reasonable. The only problem regarding the saw is the laser guide. You might need to adjust it properly before using it.

Kobalt Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Single bevel miter saw
  • 7¼ inch blade
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Die-cast aluminum fence
  • Adjustable laser guide

In search of the compact miter saws of the market, you indeed have gone through the Kobalt one! Yes, the miter saws by the brands afford you surprising performance. This specific miter saw by the brand has a 10 amp ball bearing motor, which is highly robust.

This motor can afford 5000 RPM, and consequently, you get the accurate cuts you were aiming for! The base of the compound miter saw is designed with die-cast aluminum. On one side, it helps you reduce any sort of vibrations and keep the miter saw stable so that your cuts are just right.

On the other side, it affords you increased work support! The durability is another plus point of having a cast aluminum base. The table will support your workpiece and keep it stable! The maximum crosscut length this miter saw provides is two by 8 inches nominal at 90 degrees along with two by 6 inches at 45 degrees.

If your plans are molding cuts or framing them, you can pick up this saw without confusion! This is a single bevel miter saw. It provides you with bevel cutting to 47 degrees to the left. You will see positive spots are included at 0-degree and 45-degree. Though it is a single-bevel design, it has a dual slide rain system. You get it with linear bearings. With the help of this, smooth and accurate operations will never be challenging anymore! If you do not want a large miter saw and want to go for the decent crosscuts, you can select it.

It must be lightweight for carrying a saw outside the home, and that’s what this saw is! It weighs only 23 lbs. So, transporting and storing it is more comfortable than the other bulky miter saws. The miter can cut up to 50 degrees right and left.

It also includes nine positive spots in the frequently used degrees. The laser guide system of the miter saw is designed in an upfront mounted manner. Also, it is wholly toolless and adjustable. You can adjust it the way you want and set the pre-cutting line for the accurate alignment. The aluminum fence also gives you support while working.

Kobalt 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Runs with a 5-amp motor
  • Customizable bevel angle adjustment
  • None positive spots
  • The upfront bevel lock handle included
  • Tool-less adjustable laser guide

This Kobalt miter saw is just like the previous miter saw we have discussed before, but the blade length is different here. This is also a sliding compound miter saw that makes your work easier and move faster! The motor of this miter saw is way better than the previous one as it is designed for the heavy-duty woodworks.

It comes with a 25-amp motor that provides you the ultimate power to deal with whatever material you will cut. Along with this, you have to check out the bevel facilities because this includes a dual bevel for the utmost outcome from sawing. The saw’s maximum crosscut ability is two by 2 inches nominal at 90-degrees, and at 45-degree, it is two by 8 inches. To afford you the accurate result, it has an upfront bevel lock handle. When the handle is locked, it won’t move. It will make your grip more comfortable and stable! When it comes to the bevel adjustment, stay worry-free!

It has customizable bevel angle adjustments! All you need to do is move your hands to find the right adjustment. The rail design you are getting with this saw is compact and innovative. It will help you in cutting back on the space top! Whether you are dealing with molding or framing cuts, you can always get this one and never regret it! There are nine different positive spots in this miter saw. And when it comes to metering, you can go 50 degrees both left and right!

The laser guide included in the box is adjustable and tool-less, so you get accurate cuts without putting too much effort. This is the best deal if you are cutting pieces up to 23 points.

FAQs on Kobalt Miter Saw

Are Kobalt Miter Saw any good?

If you want to buy a miter saw and use it for the rest of your life, it is always better to invest in a brand that affords you the best performance with durability. And Kobalt is not leading the saw industry for their fantastic miter saws.

They afford you several length blades for their miter saw along with the heavy-duty base for proper vibration-less applications. The miter saws by the brand include tool-less adjustable laser guides along with several bevel angle facilities. So, you can try this brand!

Should I get a miter saw, or a table saw?

The work of a miter saw, and a table saw are quite different. A table saw is designed for making longer cust. On the other hand, the miter saw will afford you in creating the shorter cuts.

You can settle for angled cuts along with beveled cuts with the miter saws. With a jig, you can cut the same cuts using a regular table saw. But if you do not want to invest so much time on this, pick up a miter saw; it is worth your money!

Wrap Up

We have gone through the best Kobalt Miter saws of the market already! All of the mentioned saws are incredible in terms of performance and quality. However, not every one of them will suit you! It is better you check them out and read the details before you purchase one!

Have you ever used any Kobalt miter saw? Please share your experience with us! Comment below about the positive and negative sides of your saws and let others know!

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