Palm Sander Vs Orbital Sander

If you are confused about what sander you should choose, then you need to read this article that explains “Palm Sander vs Orbital Sander”.

It also shows the comparison between palm and orbital sanders, the basic details about each of them, and some tips to help you choose the right one for you.

Palm Sander vs Orbital Sander

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What is a Palm Sander?

A palm sander is also known as a sheet sander. It uses a quarter of a standard 9 x 11” sandpaper sheet. It is named a Palm Sander because it can generally fit into the palm of your hand. If you are searching for a standard size of a sander, this one’s for you.

Besides, this sander is the most portable one because of its size. It has a handle that makes it easier to use. This is a great finishing tool for any kind of wood project. You can get its benefits depending on what kind of sanding you want.

There are several kinds of hooks you can use for palm sanders. And these help to collect dust easily. In an overall sense, put a standard pressure and get a subtle finish on the surface that you want.

What is an Orbital Sander?

An orbital sander is a large tool that has a sanding surface. It moves forward and backward quickly. So, rotating or moving it is easy with it. This is an electrical sander that moves at high speed.

It moves around in tiny circles. And it is called orbits. That is why it derives the name ORBITAL. Not only that, but it also has subcategories too. You can use it according to your purpose.

Palm Sander and Orbital Sander Comparison

When having a comparison between two different things, the first question that comes to our mind is “what is the difference between them?” Talking about palm sander and orbital sander, we can find a lot of differences between them.

The basic difference is the amount of material they can remove. Also, there are other facts like the size of the tool, the shape of the sanding pad, the direction they use to sand, and lots more. Well, a palm sander is nothing but the smaller version of an orbital sander.

Orbital sanders are larger thus can do the work quicker. On the other hand, palm sanders are smaller, thus portable and easy to use. The purpose of both the tools is the same. But an orbital sander has a round base that can move backward and forward at the same time.

Both the tools are the same. The orbital sander is just the higher one and the palm is the lower one. Sometimes people refer to a normal orbital sander as a palm sander.

Advantages of Palm Sander

Several advantages are there that are useful to get your work done. Such as-

  • Palm sanders are smaller so it is easy to hold
  • These are portable so you can carry them anywhere, anytime
  • It can sand in a detailed way
  • You don’t need to put a lot of pressure on it
  • Palm sanders are lightweight
  • It is suitable for smaller pieces
  • This can give you a subtle sand
  • It is useful for smaller sanding jobs

Advantages of Orbital Sander

Some advantages are useful for the users. Let’s see them below-

  • Orbital sanders are large and heavy
  • These are square
  • It works perfectly with larger pieces
  • Orbital sanders are better than sheet sanders in features
  • Orbital sanders use orbiting and circular motion

When to go for Palm Sanders?

To be simple and specific, if your work is small and compact, you should go for palm sanders. These are lightweight so that you can carry them out easily. Also, you can hold it well as it has a handle.

So, doing the sanding job becomes much easier. If you need a sander to smoothen out smaller stuff, go for palm sanders.

When to go for Orbital Sanders?

This is the almost opposite of a palm sander. If your project is big and you want a sander to sand large stuff or surface, an orbital sander can get you out of the trouble.

This is a heavyweight sander with electrical facilities. It works at high speed. So, it finishes the task quite fast. If you want to save your time and invest it in a good sander, you should choose an orbital sander for sure.

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Wrap Up

To wrap up, you need to read the details of both of the sanders and know their purpose and motion of sanding. Also, check the comparison from this article named “Palm Sander vs Orbital Sander”.

You will surely get the information that you need to decide better. Get the details well and then choose your suitable one.

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