What Size Chainsaw Do I Need For My Job?

Buying a chainsaw is the most complicated purchase out here. But surely you need to be careful and considerate when making a decision. The first and most important part? For me, it was deciding on what size chainsaw do I need?  With a variety and widespread options available in sizes, its surely a matter of confusion if you have no idea about such issues previously.

But, for all the first-time buyers, determining the right size chainsaw will not be any more trouble. Because I’m here with the simplest guide to measure and choose the ideal chainsaw size. Keep On Reading.

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need: Measuring, Biggest Size Myth, Different Usage Sizes?

You should not be too quick to decide on the budget. Because with a certain size, it’s going to price a certain way. So better finish choosing a particular size of the chainsaw and then decide what amount you’ll be able to afford. That’s going to be a much easier process.

On that note, let’s explore the topic.

Measuring Your Chainsaw

The first step to deciding what size chainsaw you will need is measuring your previous chainsaw if you have any. This will help you to understand better what size you might need in the newer one.  Since not everyone reading this is a first-time buyer, I think it’s an important thing we need to clear first.

The size of a chainsaw usually refers to the length of the bar. This is the part of any chainsaw that keeps the chain on spinning around it. This needs you to measure from the very tip. The measurement ends to the portion where it enters the chainsaw body.

Since the bars of chainsaw is not fixed and they can be replaced for longer and shorter requirements, it becomes quite easy with such measurement. You need to tell what specific bar length you need for your chores when purchasing the chainsaw. For maximum homeowners, the length of a chainsaw bar should be ranging between ten to twenty inches. However, they could be longer or shorter depending on the user. Another significant calculation is the engine of a gas chainsaw. This is often referred through CCS. With a big engine, you can enjoy more power. So, you may want to have a look at these numbers when making a choice for a chainsaw.

How About Buying the Biggest Chainsaw?

Now, this is a very often asked question by new users. Some people have the ability to afford the largest chainsaw. So, they have the conception that big chainsaw will be able to handle much better jobs than smaller versions. However, this is exactly not the truth. You can surely handle bigger and heavier trees with a huge chainsaw. And surely, they are pretty powerful enough to carry out the jobs skillfully.

But that does not mean, anybody can handle and operate such big machinery. Since these are pretty big in size, it feels quite dis conformable for users to manage such a huge weight themselves. This is not the case of someone who is pretty professional with saws. Because they are used to such operations with their regular jobs. And so, if you are a mere homeowner who needs it for simple tasks, then surely take some time to mull over what weight you can actually manage for any chore.

A big sized chainsaw can easily bring fatigue and pains. They cannot be used for a longer period of time. Since you are going to get tired of the extra weight. And this is surely a huge waste of money. So even if you have the budget, don’t just buy anything huge when it comes to a chainsaw. You will surely waste your money and hurt your ego later. Instead, be smart enough to buy something enough to tackle your chores without being too much for handling.

Depending on Usage

Depending on what chore you want to use the chainsaw for, there is some advice I want to provide. The following paras are going to teach you some valuable keys of chainsaw size picking, so focus.

For Light Duty Task

If you need a chainsaw for tasks such as pruning trees and shrubs then this falls under the light-duty chores. These are pretty general maintenance tasks that you need to carry out regularly. And so, you need a chainsaw that is small and easy to handle.

Go for a chainsaw that comes with a cutting bar less than 12 inches length. These are pretty good to handle not-so-thick branches and simple as novice-friendly setup. Most of the models that fall under light-duty are electric. You can also use them with better safety. A great example is the pole saw which is basically a very light-use chainsaw. With shorter cutting bar you can easily handle long tree branches that are not too thick.

For Medium Duty Task

If you need a chainsaw for tasks that are not regular, instead pretty occasional then go for the medium-duty chainsaw. You can consider chainsaws that comes with 16- or 18-inches cutting bar. These are general-purpose chainsaws that both homeowners and professionals love to use for a variety of tasks. People usually use these for thick tree branches and logs. There are gas-powered as well as electric chainsaws for such medium-duty tasks. You can also try cutting moderately sized trees and eliminate shrubs with the chainsaws.

For Heavy Duty Task

If there are occasions of pretty large jobs that you need to tackle with then the huge chainsaws with 20 inches or more cutting bar are the right size option for you. These types of chainsaws are designed for huge diameter woods. You can deal with a pretty thick tree trunk using heavy-duty chainsaw models.

However, homeowners don’t need such chainsaws usually. Unless you are a rural area resident who has to do pretty heavy-duty sawing for property maintenance that has a huge cutting surface. Of course, these chainsaws are quite hard to handle and usually are seen for commercial use.

Which Size Chainsaw is Right For You?

Final Words

So, what size chainsaw do I need? Well, you have the answer by now hopefully. This informative and general guide isn’t the only way to decide, however. You still need to focus on your particular siltation and case. Is there something else that you need to include while choosing the size of a chainsaw? Make sure you consider those parts as well and so, give yourself enough time before deciding on any size for the chainsaw. This way, finding the right size saw that fits in terms of strength, weight, and usability will seem simple. Good Luck.

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